Beautify Your Living Space With Custom Mirrors

Decorate your doors, ceilings, or even tabletops with attractive mirrors from Hub Glass Services Inc. You'll be the fairest one of them all when you show off your custom mirrors and glass tabletops, from our company, to your friends, family, and associates!

Create the Illusion of Larger Space With Our Custom Mirrors

If your commercial or residential property has oddly shaped rooms or doesn't offer a lot of space, you can create the illusion of having larger rooms by utilizing mirrors.  

For instance, give the appearance that a small bathroom is larger than it truly is by having one wall comprised completely of mirrors.

The mirrors can be cut with holes to accommodate for lighting fixtures and light switches, thereby allowing you to create the beauty of a seamless, mirrored wall.

You can get custom patterns for mirrors and tabletops that will fit almost any size and configuration when you call Hub Glass Services Inc.
Custom Mirrors

Enjoy the Refined Elegance of Glass Tabletops

Your home or business will benefit from having glass tabletops custom-made especially for you. Glass tabletops are easier to clean and care for than wood or particleboard. Plus, they look so classy!

There are many glass sizes available. The glass used for tabletops is 1/4" glass and it helps to protect the finish of the table or bureau.

If you're in the market for coffee table, dining room table, or kitchen table glass, we can do those, too! 1/2", 3/4", or 1" glass is used and these can have beveled, polished, or seamed edges.

We can help you save money by sending you kraft paper - for FREE - that will allow you to accurately trace your own tabletop for your glass tabletop replacement!
FREE, no-obligation estimates are available!
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If you’re looking for beautiful mirrors or glass tabletops for your home or business, call Hub Glass Services Inc.

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